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A Trip in the Life of a Music Supervisor: Day 2

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Ever wondered what a work day for a music supervisor is like? What about a work trip? We asked Musicstyling’s Alix Rumsey to give us a glimpse into her life by documenting her (work related) journey into the Caribbean. Day 1 consisted of traveling in tiny airplanes, it is now day 2 and  Alix is finally settled in and ready for business! 

So down to business. I am here to work after all. I met up with Renaud and Samantha. It is obvious from the outset that they are both hugely passionate about this property.

To be honest there is very little not to be passionate about. The whole property is beautiful. It’s not a huge megalith of a resort, it’s small, boutique almost but it literally sings class (way too high end to scream). With that size comes a sense of intimacy, you recognize the staff, you bump into them throughout the day, it creates a lovely sense of welcoming and belonging. 

We walked around the property and they showed me all the different areas. The Restaurant, Le Birth, by day and Aux Amis by night. The view is insane! Through the lobby onto the pool bar, Le Turquoise

The music for the restaurant also plays through into the lobby, these are two very different spaces and the music has to reflect throughout. The trick here is to take into account, we are in the Caribbean, we are in the French Caribbean.  There is a huge emphasis on French, but also this is a 5 star resort with a clientele with matching taste. We want to create something that represents all these things, appeals to a fairly wide cross section of ages and is upbeat, fresh and certainly not stuffy. Every area has that indoor outdoor feeling. You get the sea breeze throughout. When you have such huge visual stimulation the music needs to be an accompaniment. The music should not be the first thing that hits you when you walk into this property, it has to be the view. The music should compliment everything the view, the décor, the food, the conversation. It shouldn’t be so much in forefront that it’s the only thing you can think about. 

The pool bar again takes into account location but this should be more fun, more upbeat. This also plays at the pool and underwater in the pool, upbeat, happy, French.

The spa is our final stop. We already have music playing throughout but we need to provide an option for the treatment rooms, almost a musical menu so people can really hone down their perfect accompaniment for a massage or any of the other treatments on offer. What people like to listen to when they relax is hugely varied. Offering enough options to give everyone something but not so much that you just can’t make a decision. We’ll probably go for five or six lists, ranging from the traditional New-age to more modern ambient sounds then through Jazz and Chillout.

I was lucky enough to have a massage at this property. Let me say something upfront..I love massages I have had massages in some of the best spas and hotels around the world (it’s the number 1 perk of my job) and I have to say this one has to rank in my top 3. The space is so light and calming, my masseuse (Camille) was amazing. Treatment rooms can so often feel like dark closets but this one was large and airy with twinkly lights on the ceiling. I drifted off into relaxation bliss ! I usually don’t listen to music when I have a massage, I over think it but obviously I’m there to work on this so we kept the music on. On the whole it was great the music worked really well there were two tracks that I made mental note of and removed within the hour or getting back to my room. Some spa music is just too long and can get really repetitive, it almost gives you the feeling to listening to a clock tick. Then whale noises. I hate whale noises. I don’t know anyone who craves this sound but its prevalent in New-age music. The other no no’s were gladly missing. No vocals, no water sounds ( hint makes clients need the bathroom)

There is a small fitness center on the property we discussed putting a zone of music in there but doubling up the player to allow the staff to play music for Yoga or Pilates in the studio next door separated only by a sliding glass door. Sometimes it works to be honest and just let people know they don’t need five players when one will do just fine.

So after the lovely tour and the amazing massage, I head back to my room. I have notes to write up and colleagues to reach out to and also playlists to build…

Check back later to see what Alix will be up to in Day 3 of her adventure!