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Staff Picks of 2016: Top 5 TV Series

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He binged, he saw, and he conquered! We asked one of Musicstyling’s Music Programmer Luke Stone  to give us the low down on his favorite TV series he watched this year! Check out his list below:


5.       Mount Pleasant

Sky//Tiger Aspect Productions

Think Gavin and Stacy in Manchester and that is pretty much what Mount Pleasant on Sky1 is. This comedy drama covers the day to day life of an ordinary family, their friends and neighbours. Each has their own humour, agenda and stories. Mount Pleasant has a cast of people you will have definitely seen before, such as Sally Lindsey (Coronation Street) and Nigel Harman (Eastenders) and a story line that will make you laugh and cry in equal measures. I can’t wait for series 7. 

4.       Game Of Thrones


This year marked the end of the 6th series of Game Of Thrones on HBO. I, however, was only introduced to it this year, binging through all 6 seasons. Sharing many parallels with actual historic events (Except the Walkers – they are creepy), Game of Thrones follows the war between good, bad and the undead. In a land where it is kill or be killed, it really does beg the question, who will survive through to the end of series 8, where it has been confirmed the story will conclude. I for one can’t wait to find out.

3.       Westworld


Instead of going on holiday to sunny Barbados, the rich in HBO’s Westworld go to a make believe world of life-like robots in the wild west, where they can do anything they like with them (use your imagination here). These lifelike robots live every day in the same scripted way, as they have no long term memory. That is however, until one day a software update changes this. The robots start to gain a self awareness and consciousness, using it to “get back” at their makers. Is this caused by an honest mistake by a software developer or is the story a little bit more complicated and interesting than that? You guessed it, everything goes in Westworld. Well worth a watch in my opinion.

2.       You, Me & The Apocalypse

David Bloomer//WTTV Productions Limited

A giant, extinction sized asteroid is heading towards earth, there are only 30 days before impact and the world has gone mad! You, Me & The Apocalypse on Sky1 is a comedy drama that is a part love story, political drama and comedy. Thinking about it now, what would you do if the world was going to end in a months time? This show covers it in great humour and the end is very much unforeseen. Unfortunately, Sky 1 have confirmed that a 2nd season will not happen, so when you get to the final episode, it really is the end.

1.       Blindspot

Virginia Sherwood//NBC

NBC’s Blindspot follows the story of a mysterious woman who was found in Times Square, naked and covered in tattoos by the FBI. Each tattoo reveals a mystery and leads to the FBI getting a heads up on some crimes that have not even happened yet. She has no memory of who she is and there is no record of her anywhere. Blindspot follows the story of her  figuring out the meaning of her tattoos and who she really is. The wider story reveals hidden agendas and potentially why this all happened in the first place. Blindspot is a personal favourite series at the moment.