Staff Picks of 2016: Top 5 Tracks of the Year

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The year is coming to an end and we wanted to take a look back at the best songs that have graced this year. We asked Music Consultant Henry Gould to give us his top tracks of the year. Here he counts down his favorite tracks of the year:

5. MetallicaHardwired

Sure, they go on Jimmy Fallon and do cutesy sketches, open up for San Francisco Giants games, but at the end of the day they are still very much a heavy metal band, and this first single from the album reminds everyone of that. 

4. The WeekndSecrets

That groove is beyond catchy and the Depeche Mode acoustic guitar samples add another layer of complexity. 

3. Kanye West ft. Kendrick LamarNo More Parties in LA

Kanye’s frustration and lack of patience with the phoniness in LA seems all the more relevant now,  given his recent mental health issues. Incredibly descriptive, touching on a variety of issues, all tied together with an amazing beat. Having a Kendrick feature never hurts either. 

2. Anderson PaakAm I Wrong

Only got introduced to Anderson Paak this year, and I instantly became a huge fan. This cut especially, a lovely bouncy energy. 

1. Frank OceanPink+White

Just a beautiful record.