Massage NOW, Not Later!

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I’m typically the type of gal that goes for a massage when crisis strikes. You know…my neck has stopped working. Or I can no longer sit without wincing in pain. And when I ‘shop’ for a massage, it’s strictly Yelp-influenced. Proximity, price + reviews sway my persuasion. Typically, this means a dark basement somewhere with kitschy decor, bamboo shoots and “massage” music on a loop.

Enter The NOW Massage. Apparently I’m a few years late to their game, but you see…I’m still a new(ish) Angelino. The NOW brings luxury service to massage at an affordable price point—in a gorgeous setting. 

I’m sold!

Surrounded by beautiful design in a California-vibey setting, it’s impossible not to just CHILL. OUT. 

The best part? They’ve got everything from Crystal Healing which uses energized crystal therapy to engage your chakras to Deep Tissue which is full on therapeutic and great for increasing vitality. There’s basically something for everyone, and with several L.A. locations I can only imagine that this concept is on it’s way to expansion. 

Bring on the recharge.