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Hello Kitty Cafe Finds a Home in Los Angeles Suburb of Arcadia

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Image © Kristie Hang

Is it a kitty, is it human, is it both? We don’t really know (actually we do, but we refuse to believe it). What we are certain of, is that it is an iconic character with a cult-like following.

From pencil cases to microwaves to breast pumps to cafes, name ANYTHING and you can bet Hello Kitty has it.

Last February, a Hello Kitty Café Pop-Up in the form of a food truck hit the streets of Los Angeles. This café now has a permanent home in the outskirts of LA in Arcadia’s Westfield Mall.

The café opened its doors this past Friday to a line that wrapped around the café three times. Some fans even stood in line six hours before the café was even open just to be the first ones to get their paws hands on some cute treats. The café will offer pastries and coffee that are freshly made in their commercial kitchen on the daily along with seasonal menu items that will be rotated throughout the year.

We can’t wait to try these purrrfect little treats!


Images: @hellokittycafe