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Cava Grill– Feeding Your Spirit, Not Your Face

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Food that’s fast and healthy? Not always easy to find. Add vegetarian options to that equation and you’ve got yourself a tall order.

Enter Cava Grill. Started in D.C. by 3 childhood friends (Ike Grigoropoulos, Chef Dimitri Moshovitis, and Ted Xenohristos), Cava is a seriously delicious Mediterranean + Greek offering. Fast, casual, and full of flavor. The concept is one of those, ‘this is so simple, I can’t believe no one else is doing this’ types. Cava Grill works with local farmers, ranchers and partners to bring build-it-yourself grain bowls, salads, and pitas to your lunch and dinner plate featuring everything from Cauliflower Quinoa Tabbouleh and Roasted Red Pepper Hummus to Spicy Lamb Meatballs. 

Currently available in 7 states, I checked out the Westwood Village location in L.A. – the queue was nearly out the door, but I didn’t waver. Along with myself, most guests in line seemed to be experiencing the restaurant for the first time and the friendliness of staff and air of mystery plus SERIOUSLY yum smells coming from the grill helped reel us in.

Add to that, the Cava Grill app is a ridiculously helpful timesaver. Simply build the bowl, and pick up—if you’re lucky enough to live nearby. Recently featured in Fast Company, Cava is setting the bar pretty high when it comes to in-venue technology to help deliver an exemplary experience for their customers. Whether its strategic seating or heat sensors for meat cooking perfection. 

If you can’t find one nearby yet – stay tuned, the brand is opening another 20+ locations. To borrow a phrase from their website, “because while others are content to feed their faces, you desire food that feeds your spirit.”

Westwood Village location: