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Hello Kitty Cafe Finds a Home in Los Angeles Suburb of Arcadia

By on 11th April 2017

Image © Kristie Hang
Is it a kitty, is it human, is it both? We don’t really know (actually we do, but we refuse to believe it). What we are certain of, is that it is an iconic character with a cult-like following.

From pencil cases to microwaves to breast pumps…

Cava grill westwood village


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Cava Grill– Feeding Your Spirit, Not Your Face

By on 3rd April 2017

Food that’s fast and healthy? Not always easy to find. Add vegetarian options to that equation and you’ve got yourself a tall order.
Enter Cava Grill. Started in D.C. by 3 childhood friends (Ike Grigoropoulos, Chef Dimitri Moshovitis, and Ted Xenohristos), Cava is a seriously delicious Mediterranean + Greek offering. Fast,…


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The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles

By on 15th March 2017

Hidden in the busy streets of Downtown Los Angeles is a special little big place with something for everyone. The Last Bookstore is THE one stop shop for books, arts, and music. It is not just a place to shop, it’s a place you WANT to explore— it’s an…


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