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Massage NOW, Not Later!

By on 3rd May 2017

I’m typically the type of gal that goes for a massage when crisis strikes. You know…my neck has stopped working. Or I can no longer sit without wincing in pain. And when I ‘shop’ for a massage, it’s strictly Yelp-influenced. Proximity, price + reviews sway my persuasion. Typically, this…

record Store Day 2017


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Music Retail

10th Annual Record Store Day

By on 19th April 2017

Independent record stores aren’t just a place to go and buy a couple of tunes at, they are a hangout spot, a place of discovery and exploration, a place where one can escape and get lost in music.

Since 2007, the magic of independent record stores has been celebrated throughout…

Hello Kitty Cafe


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Dining Retail Spaces

Hello Kitty Cafe Finds a Home in Los Angeles Suburb of Arcadia

By on 11th April 2017

Image © Kristie Hang
Is it a kitty, is it human, is it both? We don’t really know (actually we do, but we refuse to believe it). What we are certain of, is that it is an iconic character with a cult-like following.

From pencil cases to microwaves to breast pumps…


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