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Anticipating Dan Auerbach’s New Solo Album

By on 2nd March 2017

Photo by Alysse Gafkjen || via Rolling Stone
Dan Auerbach has been a busy man for the better part of a decade, mainly spent fronting The Black Keys in addition to…


Pemberton Music Festival 2016

By on 7th July 2016

Pemberton Music Festival

The Fourth Annual Pemberton Music Festival returns next weekend to the beautiful mountain valley north of Whistler BC. This will be my third trip to the festival,…

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The Shameful Tiki Room – “The Trippy Sounds of 60’s Surf Rock”

By on 12th April 2016

The Shameful Tiki Room – Vancouver

There’s an amazing Tiki Bar here in Vancouver called The Shameful Tiki Room. Friends had been begging me to go, but I initially resisted…