June 2016


Scotty Moore – The Co-Founder of Rock & Roll

By on 29th June 2016

I heard this morning of the passing of Scotty Moore. Whilst you might not be familiar with the name you will know his work as the original guitarist who…

Music Reviews

Gregory Alan Isakov – Gregory Alan Isakov with the Colorado Symphony

By on 28th June 2016

Gregory Alan Isakov – Gregory Alan Isakov with the Colorado Symphony.

Another singer-songwriter recording his observations of rural America is transformed by the backing of the Colorado Symphony. Who knew…

Listening to Music

Jorja Smith – Blue Lights

By on 23rd June 2016

Jorja Smith has started causing a major buzz in the UK R&B scene this year with her down-tempo track Blue Lights. Check it out here!

Listening to Music

Midland – Gold

By on 21st June 2016

As a producer, Midland is among the most consistent in the house and techno sphere. Since making his debut release in 2010 he’s built up a potent back catalogue,…

Music Reviews

Chris Cohen – As if Apart

By on 20th June 2016

Over the past 30 years of listening to music, I must have ignored over 10,000 tracks after listening to less than 30 seconds of the opening bars for which…